Your attic makes the perfect home for local animals as it is easily accessible to them and protects them from the elements. Unfortunately, this can lead to many negatives as they invade your home. Animals living in your attic bring waste with them, and that can be detrimental to your insulation.

When animal poop is introduced to your attic, consider the following concerns you should be aware of:

Pheromones – If animals are leaving feces in your attic insulation they are most likely urinating as well. Squirrels can secrete pheromones in their urine which attracts other squirrels. When their poop and urine soak into your insulation, it can become a hotbed to signal other squirrels of a habitable location.

Diseases – Many animals can leave infectious diseases behind in their droppings. If you find poop from rats, opossums, or raccoons, there is a high chance of diseases being in your attic. Contact with the feces isn’t necessary because some pathogens are airborne like roundworm eggs left behind from raccoons which can be inhaled and infect humans.

Complete Destruction – Animal droppings in your attic usually signify animals are nesting in the insulation. If so, check for rips in the insulation where they form nests. This can lead to problems in regulating the temperature of your home. If animal droppings infest your attic in a high concentration, it becomes necessary for the insulation to be removed and replaced as it is damaged beyond repair.

When your attic becomes infested, it is crucial to catch it before it is too late and your insulation is destroyed. Have a professional handle it safely and effectively before the damage spreads at the risks to you and your family. Critter Control® of Southwest Florida can give you the help you need, so call today at (941) 355-9511 for more information about our animal removal and attic repair services.

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