Although they are cute and fun to watch, squirrels are nevertheless highly destructive rodents with front teeth that never stop growing and sharp claws for digging holes in both wood and dirt. If just one squirrel decides to squat in your attic or crawlspace, the extensive damage caused by those sharp, strong teeth and claws will astound anyone who hasn’t suffered a squirrel infestation.

Why it Doesn’t Work

One way deter these critters is to apply commercial squirrel repellent to squirrel-infested areas. Usually containing some kind of predator urine odor (coyote, for example), mothball smell, or natural ingredients like clove oil and garlic, squirrel repellents simply do not work. In addition to being destructive, squirrels are also stubborn and adaptable. After sniffing the repellent a few times and realizing it is not a threat, they will continue nesting, chewing, digging, and ravaging your home.


You may notice reduced squirrel activity following application of squirrel repellent and think the repellent is working. Unfortunately, your squirrels will return sooner than you expect–and probably bring reinforcements! Also be aware that cheaper brands of squirrel repellent may contain ingredients toxic to squirrels. If you just want to get rid of a squirrel infestation without harming squirrels, the best option is to call Critter Control® Southwest Florida.

Call the Experts

Without causing any harm to animals, Critter Control® of Southwest Florida will remove squirrels and other rodents that are infesting your home while implementing prevention methods to stop them from returning and re-infesting. Call us today at 941-313-3832 to learn more about our humane and effective animal control techniques.

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