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bat Animal Removal


Our goal at Critter Control® of Southwest Florida to humanely remove wildlife while keeping homeowners safe and secure in their homes.

Successful pest removal requires proper training and techniques. It also requires knowledge of laws and regulations pertaining to wildlife in a given area.

The staff at Critter Control® of Southwest Florida is trained and certified to carry out any and all our neighbor’s animal removal needs. Our training and knowledge removes the guess work for homeowners and prevents unnecessary damage or recurrence.mice

The need for professional removal services continues to increase as real estate developers continue to encroach upon our wilderness areas.

Displaced wildlife, especially those caring for their young, may become very aggressive and territorial. This is why we recommend contacting the professionals at Critter Control® of Southwest Florida.

Many wild animals are also known to carry diseases that are transferable and potentially fatal to humans and their pets. For example, raccoons carry rabies, and can transfer the disease to humans via scratches and bites.raccoon

Animal removal can become an arduous, expensive, and dangerous task for homeowners.

With the implementation of our innovative techniques and world class service, the team at Critter Control® of Southwest Florida will help homeowners avoid this stress and ensure the safety of both human and animal.

If you find that you have an animal removal situation, contact Critter Control® of Southwest Florida for immediate assistance.snake

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