Are you hearing some disturbing noises coming from your attic? That scratching, bumping, and thumping you is likely an indication you have an animal in your attic. Below are just a few guidelines to help you decipher what kind of animal is causing your problems.

Type of Noise

If you hear sounds during the day, especially in the early evening or morning, the animal is most likely a squirrel. Vocal, slow, and heavy sounding noises at night are a sign the animal might be a raccoon. Lastly, fast pitter-pattering noises at night going up and down the walls or across the ceiling likely means the animal is either a mouse or a rat.

Entry Hole and Animal Damage

The entry hole can give you clues about the animal in your attic as well. A more expansive, torn apart hole is most likely the work of a raccoon or a squirrel. On the other hand, a small duct or seemingly insignificant opening might be a sign you have rats or mice. Damaged wires or chew marks on the beams in your attic are also an indication of rodent, due to their continuously growing teeth.

Feces and Pilings

Finding the nature of feces left behind is another way to identify the type of animal that has infested your attic. This, however, can be challenging for inexperienced persons, and you might need to search photos online to help you match the feces of the particular animal.

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