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Thanks in large part to their small size and determination, squirrels are common home invaders throughout Southwest Florida. Even a small opening in your roof or other area of your home makes you vulnerable to infestation, which is why it’s critical to routinely inspect your home for potential entry points, and to call Critter Control® of Southwest Florida at the first sign of activity. When looking for squirrel activity in your home, it is important to keep the following in mind:

How They Enter

Even a brand new home isn’t completely squirrel-proof, and these critters can squeeze through an opening as small as ¼” in diameter. Some of the most common points of entry we see include:

  • Poorly constructed roof vents that can easily be chewed through due to improper installation or low-quality materials
  • Open chimneys made of brick allow squirrels easy entry into your home
  • Vent pipes which are large, hollow and round, making them an ideal hiding spot for squirrels
  • Your home’s soffits are prone to small holes, allowing direct access to your attic

How We Can Help

With the dangers that squirrels pose to the wellbeing of your home and the health of your family, you need to take action at the first sign of their presence. With over 30 years of animal removal experience and a staff of expert technicians, you can rest assured knowing your infestation will be handled safely and efficiently. For any questions or to schedule a home consultation, call us today at (239) 731-6255.

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