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SW FL SnakeSnakes are cold-blooded reptiles that raise their body temperature to the temperature of its surroundings. A snake will slither into the sun to get warm or into the shade when it needs to cool down.

With more than 2,900 species of snakes in the world, you can find them almost anywhere from deserts and forests to oceans, streams, and lakes. They can be found living on the ground, in trees, and in water.

Snakes are covered in scales which are used as protective armor allowing them to move over hot surfaces such as tree bark, rocks, and desert sand; they also help keep water inside to retain moisture and stay hydrated.

Native Florida Snake Species

Snakes are attracted to Southwest Florida because of its warm weather and open waters. Most of the time, residents see non-venomous black racer snakes outside, especially when doing yard work. This could be because black racers are very active during the day. Some other non-venomous snakes are:

  • Florida banded water snake
  • Eastern hognose snake
  • Corn snake
  • Florida kingsnake

Of about 26 species of snakes that call Southwest Florida home, four of the species are venomous. Those include:

  • Eastern coral snake
  • Florida cottonmouth
  • Dusky pygmy rattlesnake
  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

Snake Precautions

There are no exact standards to identifying which snakes are venomous, but you can take certain precautions to avoid potential encounters such as keeping walkways free of debris and using caution when working low to the ground. Also, keeping your grass and bushes cut short will help keep snakes from hiding in them.

Snakes are Misunderstood

Most snakes try and avoid humans, but many snake bites occur after a human tries to handle it. Snakes help keep pest populations in check by eating rodents and insects among other things. Unfortunately, snakes always seem to get a bad rap, and many people try to kill them due to fear. Sadly, because snakes are commonly misunderstood, most species are suffering from habitat loss, over-collection, and being harmed.

Let a Professional Handle Your Snake Problems

With over 30 years of wildlife removal experience, Critter Control of Southwest Florida can help you solve your snake problems. Our company is family operated and is fully licensed and insured in the removal of wildlife from both residential and commercial properties. We know how essential snakes are to our ecosystem which is why we only use the most environmentally friendly and efficient removal services available. After we are entirely sure the critters have been removed, we will seal up all entry points, clean up any messes, and repair any damages. Call us today at 239-731-6255 or contact us through our website to receive more information or to schedule your free home inspection.

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