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Rodent Trapping

When you hear unfamiliar sounds coming from inside your walls or above your head from the attic, it’s a telltale sign that an unwelcome critter has moved in. Bite marks on food containers or cabinet doors, and the ammonia-like smell of urine are other strong indicators of rodent activity.

If you’ve noticed these warning signs, calling the local rodent trapping experts here at Critter Control® of Southwest Florida is your best bet. The key to removing a rodent infestation is early detection, so don’t wait to call once you notice their activity.

Rodent Dangers

In addition to the damage that rodents often cause to homes and buildings, they present a wide range of health issues to both humans and pets. Just through their waste, rodents can transmit dangerous diseases like leptospirosis, which affects the liver. Additionally, diseases are able to be transmitted through bites and scratches, which is why we recommend leaving the trapping to us.

Other commonly transmitted diseases include lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus, or LSMV, the plague, and rat-bite fever.

Call the Professionals

In order to most efficiently handle a rodent problem the first time, a professional rodent trapping service is the best route to take. Though there are a multitude of do-it-yourself trapping options available on the market, most of them are only marginally effective, and all of them put you in harm’s way when the rats have to be removed. Rodents are intelligent creatures, and it takes the decades of experience we’ve accumulated here at Critter Control® to remove them efficiently. Call us today at (239) 731-6255 with any questions, or to schedule a complimentary home consultation.

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