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Squirrels, mice, and rats are rodents that commonly make their nests in residential homes, much to the dismay of the homeowner. If you suspect that you have a rodent infestation, the smart step is to contact pest control professionals to eliminate the problem.

Common Rodent Infestations and Telltale Signs

Mice and rats may invade any areas of your home, but they typically leave signs of their presence. These vermin are messy, smelly, and often noisy. The most noticeable signs are their feces. These tiny, dark droppings resemble pellets. You’ll see them in dark, obscured areas, and along your baseboards. Often a musky odor accompanies an infestation.

Squirrels are likely to nest in your attic. You may hear their scampering in the mornings and early evenings before sunset. Their droppings are similar to those of mice and rats, but slightly larger. As big chewers, squirrels leave behind lots of debris.

Unwelcome Hazards

Rodents pose health and sanitary risks. They carry parasites, bacteria, viruses, and diseases. Mice and rats typically nest near sources of food, further increasing health risks to your family. Rodents also damage insulation, wiring, drywall, siding and other home materials. In addition to the resulting costly repair, this damage also presents significant fire hazards.

How We Can Help

At Critter Control® of SW Florida, we apply our considerable knowledge and skill to eradicate rodents from your home. Our team of pest control professionals ensures your family’s safety while delivering a safe and permanent solution to your rodent problem. Call us today at (941) 355-9511 to schedule a free consultation.

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