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When you think of critters that commonly make their way into homes and businesses, rats and squirrels are likely the first ones to come to mind. However, raccoons are becoming increasinglySWFL - Raccoons common sights in homes and attics throughout Southwest Florida. Their exceedingly well-developed dexterity and keen senses allow them to break into homes with ease and are able to cause serious damage due to their larger size. Understanding the signs of raccoon activity can help you get them out before the damage is done.

Signs to look for

Don’t expect to see raccoons traveling in groups unless they have pups present as they are solitary creatures. If you see raccoons skulking around your property, take action right away as they often make multiple visits before actually entering your home. Look for the following around your property to check and see if they’ve gained access to your home:

  • Damage to attic access points like roof soffits or vents
  • Unusually alert behavior from pets, as they can often detect the presence of other animals far before humans
  • Foul odors coming from your attic or stains on your walls or ceiling from raccoon waste
  • Thumps, scratches, or purring noises coming from your attic – especially at night

Raccoons are adept climbers, so keeping tree branches trimmed away from your home will help deter them from exploring your roof.

Let Us Help

Here at Critter Control® of Southwest Florida, we have decades of experience in animal removal that allows us to get the nuisance critters out efficiently while keeping you and your family out of harm’s way. We never recommend attempting to remove raccoons on your own due to the threat of injury or disease, so call us today at (239) 731-6255 to schedule your home consultation.

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