The pitter-patter of little feet is an unwelcome sound especially when those little feet belong to critters. It could mean, you have a mouse problem. These pests are uninvited guests in many Southern Florida residences.

Signs of Infestation

A mouse sighting is not the typical way in which you learn you have a mouse problem. These sneaky creatures usually try to stay away from humans. However, they do leave several signs of their presence in your home.

  • A musky, unpleasant smell often accompanies a mouse infestation.
  • Mouse droppings are one of the most common signs of mice in your home.
  • Mice are chewers, and you will often notice signs of this activity in paper and cardboard debris.
  • Rub marks are common on your walls and floors.
  • Squeaks, rustling, and other unusual sounds may signal the presence of mice.

Potential Hazards

Mice are messy, leaving debris behind from their chewing.  This activity can also damage your home and is especially dangerous when mice chew on your wiring, causing potential electrical hazards. Other gnawing activity harms your home by destroying wood, siding, flooring, and insulation. Even more distressing – these pests are carriers of parasites and diseases that carry health concerns through transmission to humans and pets.

Your Mouse Infestation Solution

Critter Control of Southwest Florida is your solution to your pest problem. We’ve been helping residents and business owners deal with their critter infestations for more than three decades. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable in the eradication of mice from your property. Call 239-731-6255 today for a long-term solution.